is learning, re-imagined for the contemporary student. is a free, browser-based open education ecosystem. allows, and encourages sharing. integrates with existing learning management systems.

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Read anything, comfortably.

Sesame is a browser-based, flexible framework that makes content from any subject easy to access, read, and engage with, no matter what you study. Better yet, Sesame relies on student and author input to continually improve its reading experiences.

Content-first design means a comfortable reading environment, including appropriate typographic rhythm, being small-screen friendly, and consideration for images, videos, figures and tables, and LaTeX integration.

Intuitive features for the contemporary student.

Take notes and read notes.

Sesame has both public and private annotation modes built in, so you can keep your notes to yourself and export them, or turn them into conversations with peers just as easily.

Discussions where they belong.

Participate in conversations in-line to the material you're reading, where and when they’re actually relevant. Plus, share resources that you find with your peers right where they make sense.

You’re more than a student.

Sesame Classrooms are powered by the Commons, a centralized, open-source hub for learning built on the principles of peer production. Everyone’s an expert at something—even as a student, you can mentor or moderate Commons!

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